BMI 30 Titanium Mule Flashlight

A ‘mule’ flashlight is one that does not use a reflector or optic to focus the light from the LED. The resulting output is just one large, diffuse circle of light and is quite useful when one does not want to overpower a scene with too much bright light.

The BMI 30 was a custom build for a customer who wanted a fatty mule, as some call them. The light is a twisty with a three-level driver and the Titanium body was bead blasted and is totally waterproof, too.

First, the two main parts, the head and the battery tube, were machined and then polished in preparation for the bead blasting:

BMI30 Mule WIP-1

BMI30 Mule WIP-3r

The customer’s design called for twenty three Trit vials to be installed on the light–19 of them on the exterior of the light and four next to the LED.

And then the light was sent out to TranquilityBase, of CPF fame, for beadblasting, since he’s the master at bead blasting Titanium:

BMI30 Mule WIP-6

The piece behind the BMI 30 Titanium Mule is an example of highly polished Ti.

A mule light doesn’t have a reflector to hide the LED and the wiring is exposed as a result:

BMI30 Mule WIP-11

On the left is the Cree XP-G2 LED on an MCPCB and the leads from the driver installed in the bottom of the light engine. On the right is a Delrin spacer that will be installed on top of the LE to hide the wiring.

And the other side of the Delrin spacer was machined to accept the four Trit vials:

BMI30 Mule WIP-12

And this is how it looks at night:

BMI30 Mule WIP-14

Add in a lens, some O-rings, a silicone gasket and the IMR 18350 battery and the light is done. Here’s a shot taken in a dark room–the light body is not this dark in the daylight, as you will seen below:

BMI30 Mule Final-12A

And some shots taken in daylight:

BMI 30 Mule Final-6

BMI 30 Mule Final-8

And a final parting shot of the tail end of the light:

BMI 30 Mule Final-10

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