The Groovy!—Art Deco Influenced Modern LED Flashlight

This is your basic, single level flashlight, with a lot of lumens for such a small package—one inch in diameter and just over 3 1/4″ long. Groovy! operates on a single CR123 cell, either primary or rechargeable, via a switch in the tail end of the light.

Groovy!—An RCR123 Flashlight

Groovy EN Plated Light

The Groovy! is a single cell RCR123 battery light made from 6061AL and EN, electroless nickel, plated. The Seoul P4 LED, bin U2SW0H, is driven by a GD750 driver, which supplies 750mA to the LED. The Khatod reflector is smooth and 17mm in diameter.

Polished Bare Aluminum Groovy! Bodies

There are a select few who love bare polished aluminum flashlights. It does have the look of sterling silver, but without the exorbitant price! I hand buff these myself to a mirror finish.

To maintain their appearance, you will need to polish them occasionally with either Simichrome or Flitz polish—both remove any oxidation and leave a protective film that keeps the light looking nice for months.

Groovy Anodized Copper-color Light

A few of the 6061AL Groovy! bodies were sent out for special anodizing. The anodizing chosen was hard anodizing Type III, which normally produces drab colors, but the specialized firm that does this anodizing is able to impart vivid colors to the surface instead. The result is an extremely durable coating and an unusual coloring.

Groovy Anodized Copper-color Light

The Blue Anodized Groovy!

To order a Groovy!, please click here.

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