Custom Designed Titanium “Ring” Flashlight

Some customers clearly know what they want and can communicate that well. This light’s design was based on the customer’s existing wedding ring—crafted in Titanium and set with diamonds with a block pattern around the circumference of the ring. Recreating the blocks would be no problem, but I’m no jeweler, so diamonds were out of the question—but dimples could mimic the effect.

The customer wanted his initials on the tail end of the light. This turned out to be a bit more challenging that I had expected, as I milled this with a ball nose end mill. Fortunately, the client was willing to accept a less than perfect logo.

In the end, the customer opted to have the light electroless nickel plated and then lightly polished, resulting in a smooth, shiny finish, as seen above and on the left. A wonderful post by the client, with additional photos of the light, and some photos of the build, can be found on CandlePower Forums.

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