Custom Designed Titanium Blocky Boy

Custom Ti Blocky Boy

I made this light out of Titanium, well before a decision was made to offer it in aluminum. Titanium isn’t the easiest of metals to machine, especially when you haven’t worked with it much. The grooves on the Blocky Boy are milled, using a 1mm ball nose end mill proved very problematic, as I might not have been using the correct feed; many end mills later, I realized that using a slightly larger 1.5mm mill would be the best solution–much stronger end mill.

Custom Ti Blocky Boy

Titanium flashlights, while not the optimum choice due to its poor thermal transfer property, are wonderful when it comes to choices for finishes. Even when a Ti flashlight is just machined, the surface quality can be more than acceptable. In addition, one can anodize Ti, bringing the opportunity to add a rainbow of color choices to a design. But Ti really shines, no pun intended, when it is sanded and then polished, as this photo demonstrates.

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